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About Me

I enjoy Building Brands and Growing Businesses with Outstanding, Authentic Marketing.

Marketing is my passion!

Mahmoud Maher

I have +5 years of experience as a Social Media Specialist and Content Writer.

I’ve worked with dozens of clients from UAE, Germany, Jordan, KSA, Qatar, and Egypt, improving Social Media Profiles and Website Content in various industries and fields, including Education, Tech, Science, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and more!

My Physics background at Zewail City provided me with extreme accuracy and attention to detail in my Marketing career.

Although Marketing is the profession I love, Physics is my dedication.

Outside of work, I’m very interested in reading, extensive reading, in various areas, including literature, philosophy, religion, and science. I also have some exciting hobbies like traveling, playing chess and table tennis.

I'm a Freelance Marketer since I'm 16 years old!
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